Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you create custom designs or can you resize or edit a design for me?

I'm sorry, at this time we are unable to offer custom digitizing and we can't edit or resize any of our existing designs. 

Maintaining the site and keeping it up-to-date with new designs doesn't leave enough time for custom work. 

Thank you for understanding!


How do I download the designs I purchased?

Designs are available to download instantly!

Click hereto see our detailed instructions on how to download your purchase.

Click hereto see our detailed instructions on how to unzip your files.


How do I select my format?  I received a ZIP file.

All of our designs come in multiple formats. 

You must first unzip the downloaded file and select your format and size to transfer to your machine.

Click hereto see our detailed instructions on how to unzip your files.

Click Hereto read more about PES format.


I ordered the same design twice.  What can I do?

If you are signed in while shopping our site, our system will tell you if you have already purchased a design. 

You will see a note in red near the "add to basket button".  Warnings DO NOT appear in the shopping cart! 

You must click on the design and view it on it's own page to see the warning.   https://www.lynniepinnie.com/duplicates.htm

If you make a duplicate purchase we will be happy to send you another design of your choice. 

If you ordered a single design twice you can choose another single.  If you ordered a set twice you can choose another set. 

Please use our contact form to send the following information:

*Order numbers

*Design(s) purchased twice

*Requested replacement designs


My order says "Pending" or "Cancelled", but I thought I paid for it.

This is caused by one of two things. 

Either you did not go all the way through the checkout process or our payment processor didn't report the payment to the website. 

You can click on the "complete payment" link to continue with checkout, or,

if you have completed payment please contact us with your order number and we will manually complete your order.


I placed an order through Etsy.  When will I receive it?

Most of our designs are sent via Etsy's instant download feature. 

You can find them in your Etsy account under Purchases and Reviews

All other designs will be e-mailed within 24 hours of payment to your registered Etsy email address. 

Please email convo us through Etsy with any questions regarding your Etsy order.


My embroidery design didn't come out right.  The outlines/details are off.

Our designs go through extensive testing before we offer them to our valued customers. 

We are confident that you will be able to achieve excellent results from our designs!
There are several variables that could cause a design to shift.
The number one cause is using a stabilizer that tears away instead of one that you cut away after the design is done stitching.

As the design stitches, it will perforate tear away stabilizer and the stabilizer will begin to pull away from the design, leaving it with very little

stability in the hoop when the last parts of the design stitch.  When you use tear away and the first steps of the design seem OK but the last

steps are off, you'll know that the stabilizer is not enough to support the design.  We do not recommend tear away stabilizer when stitching our applique designs. It just doesn’t work well for appliqués because the outline stitching will tear it and cause it to pull away from the design prematurely. T-shirts and stretchy items are unstable and always require the use of a cut away stabilizer.
When a design is off in some areas and not others it’s can also be because the hoop didn’t have a good, even hold on the item that was embroidered.

If it was tight in some areas and loose in others, that shifting can happen.  You should use the smallest hoop possible for the design size you are

working with to prevent drooping and gapping.  Another cause of shifting is if the hoop accidentally bumps something, or if the design is accidentally

moved in the hoop during fabric trimming (If you pull on the fabric a little while trimming, like most people do.) Just be really careful when trimming.

Keep your excess fabric away from the hoop area as much as possible. Even if you can't see that the hoop is caught on something, the excess fabric

can case drag and the hoop won't advance to the correct stitching position.
Your machine might need to be serviced. The belt could be failing to advance the hoop to the correct position. If your thread cutter is not trimming

properly then the hoop could drag from the resistance of the uncut thread pulling.
Every single Lynnie Pinnie design has been tested thoroughly so if you are experiencing stitching errors we are happy to help you troubleshoot.  

Please keep in mind we do not edit files once they have been tested and passed our highest-quality design standards.  

Can I resize your designs?

You can resize my designs, but do so at your own risk.  The designs are optimized to sew at their original size. 

We do not recommend that you resize any embroidery design up or down by more than 10%.  If you do resize a design, please test it first. 

Also keep in mind that opening or editing a design in embroidery software can cause changes to the design. 

Look out for changes such as missing chunks of stitches, jump stitches being changed to running stitches, and satin stitches to fill stitches. 

With so many programs on the market, we are unable to provide specific software support.  Please contact your software vendor for assistance. 


How do I spell names with the alphabets?  My machine only lets me open one letter at a time. 

That’s a VERY common question.  The built-in alphabets in our machines are different than the alphabets that you can download from the internet.

Embroidery machines don’t read them in the same way as the built-in fonts. In order to spell names with downloaded alphabets you must

merge the individual letter files in embroidery software, then save as a new file and send that to your machine.  Embrilliance Essential allows

you to import BX files to type and save names and words from embroidery fonts.

For most other programs:  first, open the first letter of the word or name, then use the software menu to “import” or “merge” the remaining

letters and arrange them to spell the name. Save the new file in your machine's format and transfer to the machine as usual.


Why can't I open my PES design?  It says "No sewing data".

Palette and PE-Design Software can be unusually particular about file versions.

The PES file versions change whenever they release a new version of the software so there are currently several different versions of PES files.

Sometimes, people using version 1-8 of Palette or PE-Design Software will get an error.

This can be corrected by opening the file in another embroidery program and re-saving it or instead of opening the PES file,

import another format into your Layout & Editing window buy clicking File from the menu bar and then select Import. 

You can also skip your embroidery software and send the design directly to your machine to avoid any software conflicts. 

If you are using Palette or PE-Design your PES file icon will be displayed as a "Layout and Editing" file.


Do I need a PayPal account to purchase from your site?

A:  No.  You will be directed to PayPal to complete your purchase, but you do not need a PayPal account. 

Please see the arrow below:

What formats do you offer?


If you need another format we suggest Wilcom's FREE Truesizer program.


Can I use your designs on a regular sewing machine?

A:  Embroidery design files are formatted to be read by embroidery machines. 

You need an embroidery machine to sew our designs.


What software do you use?

Lyndsie uses Wilcom Embroidery software to digitize.


I requested a new password but the new password doesn't work.

Please email contact us for assistance.


I subscribed to your newsletter but was unable to download the free designs.

Thanks for signing up to receive our email newsletter!  The email download link will not work from a mobile device!! (phone, iPad, etc...)
If you do not see our email in your Spam or Junk email folder, please try signing up again in case you mis-typed your email address. 


Can I use your website images to offer design choices to customers?

If you sell embroidered items and would like to use LynniePinnie images, you may do so on the page where the images are displayed. You may not remove or edit the watermark.
You may not use LynniePinnie images to create printed paper items, screen printed items, heat transfers, web design graphics, logos, ribbon, or any other derived works.
You may not change, add to, delete parts of, or alter Lynnie Pinnie images to create printed paper items, screen printed items, heat transfers, web design graphics, logos, ribbon, or any other derived works.
Full terms of use are listed on our copyright page:  https://www.lynniepinnie.com/shop/copyright/info_3.html


Can you tell me more about how to applique?

Please see our applique instruction page:  https://www.lynniepinnie.com/applique.htm


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