3 Summer Fashion Trends

We all know trends change. What was fashionable last year, may not be fashionable this year, and that’s just something with which we have to roll. Also, being fashionable isn’t something that concerns everyone. Some people are just comfortable going with the tried and true or classic option. Still, fashion can be fun, and keeping up wtih the trends can add some interest and spice to your wardrobe. Adding a trendy piece of decoration can also help upcycle a piece of clothing that may be from seasons past. While Lynnie Pinnie isn’t ncessarily about fashion, we do have some designs that will help you keep up with the trends for Summer 2023.

Florals – Floral patterns and floral motifs are big for Summer 2023. Some are even taking a three dimensional role. If florals are your thing, Lynnie Pinnie is more than prepared to help. Whether it’s an appliqued sunflower or a monogram frame with a perfect rose, we have options for you when it comes to floral designs.

Heart Motifs – They say home is where the heart is, but this summer fashion seems to be where the heart is as well. Heart motifs are popping up on everything, as part of fabric design or added to hemlines. They appear to be particularly popular on dresses. Luckily, if you want to put your heart into your work (see what I did there?) Lynnie Pinnie has you covered with a variety of heart designs.

Mermaid Theme – The live action “The Little Mermaid” coming out this year seems to have inspired an interest in mermaid style clothing. Either in the design or the decoration of the clothing. Lynnie Pinnie has long been a fan of the mermaid and has a variety of designs that will allow you to add a mermaid theme to any piece of clothing. Whether you want a mermaid princess or a mermaid themed monogram frame, we have you covered.