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Every once in a while it’s fun to take a trip around the Internet and note some of the fun and educational things that are happening. Many of the people that are mentioned in this post are friends of Lynnie Pinnie, and we know they are very worthy of your support. While we, of course, hope that you’re here to buy all the Lynnie Pinnie designs and fonts, we also want to help you use them to the best of your ability.

First up is a huge sale from Alexis Galloway at Sew Sweet Academy. She’s in the process of moving her site and, before she does, she’s having a sale on all her current tutorials.

For a limited time, gain exclusive access to funfilled tutorials including the Single Needle Hat Stitch, Canvas Lineart Stitch, Pop-up Patch Workshop, ITH Holiday Stocking, ITH Treat Bag, Cancer Awareness Patch, Lady Applique Patch, FSL Ornament, Seersucker Backpack, Lips Applique Patch, and the Towel Stitch.

And guess what? There’s a BONUS – an essential step-by-step guide to setting up your own Etsy shop!

Next up, if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to run an Etsy store, or you have one and want to learn how to run it more effectively, this class is for you. Katie Wubben or Trouble Me Knot Embroidery has years of experience in running an embroidery business and successfully selling what she makes. She’s also an experienced instructor having given many seminars at trade shows.

This class will teach you how to set up an Etsy store and how to make it thrive. You’ll also learn how to manage customer expecations and how to interpret your store statistics. Many Etsy stores fail because the owners don’t understand how to leverage what Etsy offers. This course will give you the ins and outs of doing just that.

And finally, the Applique Getaway is happening in just a few weeks. The deadlines have been extended, so there’s still time to sign up for classes or get in on a VIP Package. This event, founded by the owner of Lynnie Pinnie, Lyndsie Salcido, is a weekend of education, fun, camaraderie, shopping and more fun! If you love embroidery, vinyl, sublimation, rhinestones, crafting, embroidering or really any kind of creative art that involves thread, ink or bling, this is the show for you!

The show offers packages for every budget, and if you don’t want to take classes, you can come and shop using our free shop and social option. Whether you make a weekend of it, or come for the day, the Applique Getaway will be a wonderful experience, and you’ll get to spend time with your tribe.

Do What You Love

For all that everyone these days seems to be promoting the idea of doing what you love and being who you are, we all know there are also judgy people out there. Especially when it comes to something one group likes and another does not. It could be people who don’t get your love of dark chocolate, or horror movies, or anime. Maybe no one in your orbit understand your fascination with space or superheros or horses. It can be tough when you’re the only one sharing your passion.

At Lynnie Pinnie, we’re a judge free zone. We know that there are as many ways to love things as there are things to love, and we just want to give you the designs that help you celebrate the things that resonate with you. Whatever your passion, or the passion of the little (or big) one who might be wearing or using what you make, we have a design for that.

Say monters are your thing. You love the jump scare, and horror movies where the monster shows up when least expected and scares everyone to death. Or maybe you’re totally in love with Monsters, Inc. and just want to huge Sully or maybe dribble Mike a few times. We get that too. Whether you like your monsters adorable and a little silly or more on the scary side, we’ve got a design to suit your needs.

Maybe you’re really into sci-fi and you know all the Star Wars trivia there has ever been or ever will be. Since you loved it so much, you introduced it to your daughter, and now she wants to be a Jedi when she grows up. You may not be able to give her an actual lightsaber, but you can embroider one on a t-shirt for her. It may not make the right sound when swung, but it will still look cool.

Could be you’ve always had a green thumb and your garden is your happy place. You love growing beautiful flowers or tasty veggies, and can’t wait to get outside and play in the dirct once the growing season starts. Whether it’s pumpkins or petunias, we have a variety of nature themed designs to be added to shirts, tote bags or garden aprons. Your love for gardening will be blooming all over your clothes.

Finally, since we’re talking about things we love, I couldn’t resist a plug for Applique Getaway, an entire show built on the love of applique, embroidery and other decoration disciplines. If you want to meet your tribe and spend time with people who geek out over designs, thread and the cool things you can do with them, as much as you do, AG is the place to be. Registration is now open, so come join us!

How to stitch Lynnie Pinnie Faux Chenille Fonts and Designs

Supplies needed:

  • Purchase this font and other chenille fonts and designs HERE
  • HTV: Heat transfer vinyl (Cricut brand iron on was used in this sample – available in many big box and craft stores). PEEL OFF PLASTIC CARRIER SHEET BEFORE STITCHING. Glitter and flocked vinyl are the easiest to tear away. We do not recommend smooth.
  • Tape
  • Your choice of embroidery thread, garment or blank, and appropriate stabilizer for your garment or blank. This is a dense font that you will need to stabilize well.
  • Optional – vinyl weeding tool
  • Optional – embroidery software. I used Embrilliance Essentials to set up my lettering, color sort my design, and print a template.
Heat Transfer vinyl. You will need to peel away the plastic carrier sheet before stitching.
My printed template and heat transfer vinyl with carrier sheet peeled back.

Let’s get stitching!

I hooped and stabilized my garment, and then stitched step 1, my placement stitch, in a color that closely matches the HTV.

Next, I laid the HTV over the placement stitch, making sure to cover all of the placement stitches. I used a bit of tape to hold it in place because the embroidery machine needle tends to lift and move the HTV. The HTV plastic carrier sheet has been removed.

The next step will be your tack down stitch. I used the same thread color again.

If you are stitching the larger faux chenille designs, stitches will go over the HTV to prevent bubbling so its important that your thread is a close color match.

After the vinyl was tacked down, I used my choice of thread colors for the letters and outlines.

The final stitch will be an outline around the letters. Again, I used a thread color that matches the HTV.

Now for the fun part!

Carefully peel away the excess HTV. You can use a vinyl weeding tool to help with small areas. If you stitch this font in a smaller size, like I did, you can leave the small areas that are inside the holes, for example, inside the letter “E”, or you can weed them out. It’s up to you!

Examples of small areas are circled in pink. Leave them or remove them – your choice!
Excess vinyl pulls away, no scissors or trimming required!

Final step – don’t skip this!

Once you have removed all of the excess vinyl, follow the instructions on the vinyl package to fuse the HTV to your garment or blank with a heat press or iron. USE A TEFLON SHEET OR PRESSING CLOTH TO PROTECT THE EMBROIDERY!

All done!

This font is such a great way to achieve a look that would be otherwise impossible (or at least VERY difficult) in a smaller size. Yes, it is a dense, higher stitch count design but personally, I would rather let the machine stitch this out than try to trim a piece of fabric this small with scissors. NO THANKS!

The stitches lie flat – the faux chenille look is achieved with a unique stitch pattern.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

Happy Stitching!